This is a statement the management of Arusha FC for sure can confirm.

As the Zone league has changed it’s structure, there will be three leagues of nine teams in each initial zone playoff. This means 16 games and among these half will be away. “Transportation and accommodation are very costly expenses when you’re travelling with a team of 25 players plus staff – we estimate, that we will need 50 millions TZS to participate in the zone league,” says member of AFC management Abdallah Mnejeja.

“Fortunately there are many people that will see it as an embarrassment, if the Arusha region champions don’t manage to establish the needed money, so we hope to find some generous contributors. But it’s a lot of money,” he continues.

AFC have before experienced the consequences of falling short of paying the running costs for participating as they in 2010 were relegated from the Premier League to the local district league.

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